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Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Free Download Guitar Rig 4 Pro Standalone v4.2.0 x86/64

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO is the greatest all-in-one guitar and striper option for perfect customized develop. The highly effective and user-friendly application consists of a range of amps, display cases, microphones and results, re-created in beautiful details. The newest edition features 3 new amps, 4 new super-flexible results and above all, the brand new Control Room for that ?big bucks? business develop. The GUITAR RIG 4 PRO application provides 15 awesome guitar and striper amps, made with the challenging perfection of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS? award-winning Powerful Pipe Reaction Technology?. Such as the unique multi-channel models and model-specific remodelling options, these amps not only effectively express the personality, appeal and feel of their real-world alternatives, but also offer a huge strategy of tried-and-true colors for all styles. The involved Coordinated up Cabinets component provides a coordinated presenter installation for every single amp. It's simple to use yet super-flexible, supplying you with vintage appears to be in mere a few moments.

This all-new component starts a wide new community of develop with an remarkable stage of natural audio imitation and tonal understanding. With just a few fader goes you can make the audio of professional business information that will definitely cut through the mix.

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO features several resources to help you obtain your best efficiency. Record units for super-easy documenting and play-back, a metronome and a receiver all help keep the concentrate on your imagination. A cycle device allows guitar and striper rings to be designed and split on the fly. With GUITAR RIG 4 PRO, your own personal guitar associate is on hand every time you connect in.

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO works completely as a stand-alone program and within any sequencer. This allows you to "reamp" your audio in a practical way ? history your efficiency, then tune and change the develop afterwards in any way you like, as often as you want.

PLATFORM: Windows XP/Vista/ 7
FILES : 463mb
COMPRESS: WinRar - Included Restoration Record
FIX : Pre-kracked

Pass : 4shar1ng

12 komentar:

  1. macam mnana nak istall data tu..

  2. saya dah download part1 part2 part 3..tpi bila guna zip ..error "please insert disk contain NatInst__GR4ProStndalneVSTRTAS4.2.0x86x64-ASSiGN...

  3. nih installnya gimana gan???

  4. awkwakwkwkawka... trima kasih gan.... guitar rig 4 nye sukses ane instal

    1. downloadnya gmana,,,?

    2. gimana cara instalnya gan??

  5. cara instalnya gmn bang??

  6. ini harus bayar ga seperti di Link aslinya, atau gratis tinggal install .

  7. Mantap gan, lancer jaya install.a meskipun agak ribet

  8. Thanks a lot for sharing brother!
    I'm from Philippines,
    That's helped a lot!
    Thank you so much!!
    More Power to you...

    God Bless

  9. buat yang mau download, ini link bohonh.
    saya udah download 400an Mb tp isinya file g jelas.


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