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Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Stardock Icon Packager 5 include Pacth

IconPackager is the most popular way to modify all the designs on your Windows PC all once. IconPackager is a program that allows customers to modify nearly all of their Windows designs at once by implementing "packages" of designs. A bundle of designs contains designs to change most of the common designs on your Windows PC. Creating your own symbol bundle is easy, simply select "Save As..." from its selection after setting up your program just the way you want it. Now you can trade that bundle with other customers or keep is aged for copy requirements. Appropriate with Windows XP, Windows Windows vista, Windows 7.
What makes IconPackager special is that as opposed to Windows styles which only modify a few designs, IconPackager changes hundreds of designs. Everything from "My Computer", "Recycle Bin", Files, all the way to specific extendable designs such as .doc and .xls files and any other submit form a user needs to use.
With its cover intergrated,, IconPackager also allows customers browsing through their program to right-click on any submit and go to the added "Icon" tab and modify the symbol.

● Change Windows designs at once by implementing symbol offers.
● Instantly enhanced to huge size
● Can modify the submit form designs.
● Recolor symbol sets on the fly
● Enhance all Windows icons
● Thousands of symbol offers to select from on
● Use huge designs on Windows XP
● Apply unique bundle on boot on Windows XP
● Create symbol packages
● Quickly critique designs using IconExplorer
● Shell intergrated, to allow for symbol changes quickly and easily
● Quickly mix and match icons

Languages Supported: Danish, English, France, Italian language, Western, Western, Spanish

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