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Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Free Download Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro 6.21.1921.1

CrazyTalk is a cutting edge device for creating innovative, zaney or extraordinary discussing people for unique digital content. Simply transfer an picture and CrazyTalk courses you through the process to bring it to life with wizard-like choices for newbies and in-depth power authors for positives.

CrazyTalk6 PRO increases acting professional generation, acting professional efficiency, and modifying handles to produce an top level set of cosmetic movement resources to create, immediate and provide video clips for generation or discussing online.

Automatic Music Lip-sync from Textual content and Voice
Edit and Personalize Movement & Emotional baggage for Your Actors
Revolutionary Storytelling Website with Actor or actress Animation Control
The Quickest Way to Produce Exclusive Characters for any Press Project

Multi-head set up is easy with appropriate resources to recognize up to 4 minds in any picture.
Individual modifying monitors for each personality.
Transform and key-frame position.
Enhanced digicam program with driving in/out allows you to flexibly organize the world.

The bigger, full-hair capable provides correct appropriate to make movement natural and genuine.
3D Experience Alignment establishing allows specific appropriate for minor go changes.
Auto Experience Suitable contributes another level of reliability to the auto-fit powerplant.

Match your design with VividEye Layouts – cartoons, pet, animated, comedian, human.
4 levels of VividEye Configurations significantly increase the virtual eye reality – Eye itself, EyeOptics, Lashes, Eye Darkness.
EyeMagic contributes plastic results with various adaptable colours and eyelash styles, design handles.

System Requirements:
Windows XP SP2/Vista
Pentium IV 2GHz or greater recommended
512MB RAM or greater recommended
1GB drive space or greater recommended
Duplex Sound Card/VGA Card/Keyboard/Mouse/Microphone/Speaker
Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
Video Memory: 128MB RAM or greater recommended
Internet Internet explorer 6 or above, Internet explorer 2 or above
DirectX 9 & WMEncoder 9 are required for WMV exporting

Program is complete edition 100% working and examined.
Virus Scanned
Installation Guidelines Involved.

Download :

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